To make the impossible possible


1980 born in Hamburg
at the age of 8 months, a virus infection causes deafness
from 1982, he learns to speak at a Swiss private school with the world-renowned audiopädagogin Schmidt-Giovannini
1986 Benjamin attended the Hamburg School for the Hard of Hearing and began judo training1990 to 2003 trained in Akidio, Thai boxing, boxing, grappling, Escrima, and Wing Tsung1995 he discovered Dacascos Wun Hop Kuen Do-Kung Fu for himself
after completing his carpentry apprenticeship
2001 he becomes a stunt fighter and choreographer for show & film and designs film recordings, fight scenes, and shows2003 role in the Tatort "Death Band" alongside Robert Atzorn (first broadcast: 25.01.2004)2004 he completes skills in Wun Hop Ken Do-Kung Fu in Hawaii, his trainer, Grandmaster Al Dacascos, is a member of the Hall of Fame Martial Arts in the History Museum and founder of Wun Hop Kuen Do-Kung Fu (WHDK)
Benjamin perfects his skills in Filipino Combative Martial Arts, becomes certified as an instructor for close combat techniques of anti-terror units
2005 he takes his 6-hour black belt exam with Grandmaster Al Dacascos in Hawaii, his black belt certificate is approved by a total of 18 grandmasters, he is awarded as a "real intelligent Warrior"
Alongside Grandmaster Al Dela Cruz, Hall of Fame member and co-founder of Chuan Fa, Frank Ordenez, co-founder of Kajukenbo and Mike Young, Chinese Kung Fu Grandmaster, he is now a member of the first generation of WHKD
2005 he becomes "Hawaii International Kajukenbo, Karate and Full Contact Kickboxing Heavyweight Champion"
2006 teacher in Hawaii at the Dacascos Wun Hop Kuen Do-Kung Fu School.
He is called to the Pacific Navy Seal and Airforce Base to teach special units of the Navy in close combat, units otherwise trained intensively by instructors from the CIA and FBI are trained by Benjamin in individual and group situations for exceptional situations
In Hawaii, he develops his own martial arts style and becomes the founder and president of the Wun Boxing Thai Style Self-Defense Institute inc. International – abbreviated: WBT DEFENSE). WBT Defense is part of the international Kajukenbo family tree, in which only the best martial artists and martial arts schools are admitted. He becomes a sought-after belt examiner in Europe and the USA
2008 He trains with Gene Le Bell (boxing judge of Muhammad Ali) and Gokor Chivichyan (trainer of Ronda Rousey, UFC) in North Hollywood2008 he founded his company WBT Defence in Hamburg-Ottensen. Manager and managing director, project planner, organizer, and advertising manager2011-2014 teacher at various schools in Hamburg for hearing, hard of hearing, and deaf people.
And special group training for Austimus, suicide, aggression, unmotivated, unemployed, undisciplined children, nursing home youths, orphaned children.
2013 Exhibition "Geht ab!" at the Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte with the director and Emmy winner BZ Goldberg2015 Tatort "Dead Silence" starring role, TV ARD, Cine-fight and choreography, alongside Devid Striesow (first broadcast 24.01.2016) Quote 9.69 million2018 Akalung - Short Movie, starring role, Cine-Fight and choreography2019 Finale Lets Dance RTL TV show. 15 appearances, Quote 4.8 million2019 Lets Dance Tour 16 different arenas, 120,000 spectators and 14 times winner.2019 Advertising, shows, events: Coke Cola Dance Rumba, "Theme Courage" on the Dortmund football channel. Ninja Warrior Germany TV RTL, Milka, Steigbergerhotel, Bertelnsmann Dance Performances, Aktion Mensch, Wight Watcher Dance Performances, Düsseldorf Dance Terminal Performances, Stern Tv, DAS! Talk show TV NDR2019 Book "Man who listens well with his heart" Book Tour2020 Who dies once is not believed TV ARD supporting role, Ratings 6.12 million2021 Herzogpark, Cine-fight and choreography for Felicitas Woll, TV RTL2022 "You shall hear" TV ZDF, starring role, Cine-fight and choreography, Ratings 3.59 million2022 "The Great German Test" Warner Bros. TV-Show2023 WaPo Bodensee - The trap, starring role, Cine-fight and choreography, TV ARD2023 Goldfish Comedies Theater Dresden, starring role2023 The Goldfish, Comedies Private Theater Hamburg by Max Bleibtreu Audience Prize2023 Motivational speaker "Making the impossible possible"2023 Lion´s Tooth Kung Fu, starring role, Cine-fight and choreography, TV ARD2023 Dr. Ballouz TV ARD, the role David2023 Christmas Dancing Star, Show RTL2024 "You shall hear" movie ZDF, 5 Awards in Hollywood from Signlight2024 The first deaf person works as a specialist at Apple in sales in Germany2024 Lots ahead with Action Humanity2024 The Goldfish, Comedies Theater Chamber plays Hamburg, starring role2024 Murder Sister Episode 3 - Deadly Training / TV ZDF, the role Pavel Selchic.


2023 "The Goldfish" Cömodien Theater, Max Bleibtreu Audience Prize
2024 "You shall hear" TV ZDF, 5 Awards in Hollywood, Signlight
2016 Tatort Dead Silence, Grimme Prize Nominated
2021 Thou shalt hear, Audience Award Nominated Reingold Ludwighafen
2005: Hawaii Black Belt, "Real Intelligent Warrior"
2010 Munich Hall of Honor, Outstanding Achievement
2011 Munich Hall of Honor, Outstanding Achievement
2012 Munich Hall of Honor, Outstanding Contribution MA
2013 Munich Hall of Honor, Continuance in Excellence
2014 Munich Hall of Honor, Outstanding Services to MA
2015 Munich Hall of Honor, Outstanding Performance in MA
2015 London International Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Teacher of the Year Award

The human being

I am Benjamin Piwko, but I don't hear. Since I was eight months old, my world has been still.
Nevertheless, we can talk. I speak and read lips. I perceive your body: taste, feel, smell, and above all see. I hear with my eyes.
I observe your responses, your facial expressions, your gestures. The body is my language, making me a listener. I will unite two worlds! Silence does not obstruct my path, but the hearing world does. But silence has shaped me: into a fighter!I am an actor, entertainer, Cine Fight choreographer, motivational speaker, author, professional athlete, and ambassador. I will eliminate barriers, in front of the camera or in the dojo. In life, you always have a choice!

Please feel free to reach out to me via email if you have any interest or inquiries regarding this matter. I kindly request your attention and would greatly appreciate your correspondence.


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